Chaos Theory
Pilot: Comedy Series - 6 x 1hr
‘Chaos Theory’ is a comical insight into the
lives of a workaholic couple, who, against the
odds, continue to attempt the work – life
balance, with four young children.
JOSIE (38) works in an event management
company ‘GOOD TIMES’ whilst her besotted
partner MICK (39), a true film fanatic and ex
Royal Marine, works alongside his cross
dressing bootneck pal DAN (34), in a
landscape gardening business, 'THE LAWN
Employed by the rich and famous their
schedules are intense, their standards
impeccable and their family values amazingly
intact! Their friends think they’ve got it made.
But when your daily schedules are
unforgiving, communication is the first thing
to go and the results are often chaotic.
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Flip Side
Pilot: Comedy Series - 6 x 1hr
As yesterdays baby boomers become todays
pensioners, their idea of retirement is based on a
tomorrows world.
TV Series
In this tongue in cheek story of a rebellious
commune of silver surfers, the emergence of a new
breed of OAPs rule. Having raised the proverbial
two fingered salute to the antidiluvian nursing
homes of their predecessors, this bunch of forward
thinking individuals believe in the adage, 'You're
only as old as the person you feel'.
Having pooled their life savings, they have bought
an entire village on the South Coast of Blighty. 'Flip
Side', is a positive and hilarious portrayal of life in
an old persons body through the eyes of its 'young
at heart' owner.
As the number of retirees in the UK approaches
20%, the other 80% of the population had better sit
up and start respecting their elders. And why not?
This lot are clearly having the time of their lives.
TV Series (Format)
TV Series (Format)